QAEZ duty free

Duty Free

With more than 20 years of worldwide experience in the Duty Free & Travel Retail market as distributor, QAEZ International is servicing Airport Shops, Airlines, Border Shops, Diplomatic Corpses, Cruise Ships and Military Shops.

Due to our experienced and skilled team we are confident that our marketing-, and branding program is an added value to our business partners. In our program we guide and/or advice our partners on the following services: brand introduction DF & TR, shop design, visual merchandising, stock management.

As an extend to our marketing services, we also specialise in the branding of new and/or existing brands and introducing these to the Duty Free & Travel Retail Market. We create additional value that results in: brand awareness, turn shoppers into buyers, an increase of shop footfall and turnover.

We believe that working together cooperatively as synergy will result in an increase of turnover and ultimately profit.



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